Online Book Sellers

It seems that purchasing books is becoming more difficult. From extended hardcover runs to exorbitantly-priced local shops, owning a copy of anything but the classics rarely costs less than fifteen dollars.


Fewer Americans are reading now than ever before—in 2015, around 72 percent of American adults read “one book… in part,” meaning the actual number is likely lower. This continues the decline from recent years (79% of American adults read “one book… in part” in 2011). However, the Pew Research Center has reported that, though a growing number of Americans are reading e-books on tablets and smartphones, print books remain the most popular format. We cannot say with certainty, but we hypothesize that overall book price and availability is a statistically significant variable in the ongoing trend of reader decline.


We want to support people who want to read but can’t afford that soft, glossy hardcover. From the latest fiction and independent press releases to classics and non-English titles, we will work to bring affordable reading material to your door. To do this, we have reviewed several affordable, online book sellers to help you find what you want. Scroll through our reviews, see which sellers have the best deals for what you want to read, and mention us to your book club—we can only continue to do this work with your support.


Our site is split into three categories: online only, brick-and-mortar/online hybrids, and E-book only.

  • Our online stores only sell on the internet, meaning their costs are likely some of the lowest around; these stores do not have to cover the up-front cost of running a brick-and-mortar business and often pass the savings to their readers.
  • Our hybrid stores have both an in-person and online presence, facilitating the community and personal experience you’d experience with a brick-and-mortar store but preserving the convenience of shopping online.
  • Finally, our e-book only bookstores are perfect for E-reader and computer readers who want fast and affordable reading material regardless of location.


Our mission? To make book ownership accessible to everyone who wants it.