E-Book Seller: Kobo

Best for: Newly-released e-books and Audiobooks

The Toronto-based Rakuten Kobo, Inc is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services. Though Kobo may not have the name recognition of its larger competitors, they offer more than 5 million eBooks and magazines to millions of users across the world. Spanning 77 languages, the company offers everything from bestsellers to self-published titles, magazines to colorful children’s books. No matter your reading tastes, Kobo has a recommendation for you.

Kobo is also passionate about utilizing an open platform, which allows people to read their purchases on nearly any device. The company offers apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and WebOS (including tablets) and includes EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF files. Readers can buy and consume reading material from a variety of sources on any platform. Devoted to the brand? The company also offers is own Kobo eReadrs, which offer a customizable reading experience with adjustable fonts, text sizes, and margins.

This company is committed to working with publishers, authors, and booksellers to transform books from print to digital. We know that eReaders are a controversial topic among book-lovers, but transforming texts into files allows for greater dissemination, preservation, and sustainability. Additionally, Kobo offers a benefit system to frequent readers by rewarding points with every purchase.