Online Bookstore: AbeBooks

Best for: Used, collectible, and limited release

AbeBooks was recommended to me by a former college literature professor. The site combines its own selling with a variety of other independent sellers—some online, some brick and mortar. AbeBooks does its best to replicate the experience of a bookstore in an online format; they sell vintage movie posters on the front page, advertise signed and limited-edition books, provide staff lists and recommendations, and have an extensive collection of first editions. Buyers can search by author, title, keyword, ISBN, price, publisher, publishing date, bookseller, location, or key attributes. The order is shipped directly from the bookseller and is eligible for a refund within 30 days if dissatisfied.


However, this online used bookseller is a bit different. They have an extensive rare book collection. Have you been meaning to add a copy of Martini Monter Oscensis I.V.D. ac in Almo Ptriae Suae Gymnasio Iuris Ciuilis Interpretis Primarii to your collection? A calf leather, gilt border designed edition can be yours for the reasonable price of $10,000. They also have access to a range of historical manuscripts, such as this letter from Lausat, the French Colonial Prefect of Louisiana, to Captain Guillermo Duparc, Commandant of the Point Coupee Post, in forming him of the Spanish retrocession of Louisiana to the French. This piece of history can be yours for a mere $60,000.


However, don’t let the rare and manuscript prices scare you out of a purchase. Their standard used and new release are very competitively priced, and you can pick up a copy of that recent release for a significantly reduced price.