Online Bookstore: Valore Books

Best for: Textbooks

Finding affordable textbooks is next to impossible, especially when professors request students purchase or rent the most recent editions. There can be as much as a $100 difference between edition prices and renting from your university bookstore does little to offset the price. Valore Books provides an excellent alternative.


By partnering with thousands of booksellers, Valore Books allows buyers to save up to 90% on textbooks in every subject—from critical theory to mathematics. When you’re done with the class and no longer need or want the book, they also provide some of the highest sellback price sin the industry. Valore Books does not house their books, meaning their overhead costs are very low; they use this to pass additional savings onto their customers.


They also have a convenient rental program, providing another way to reduce your semester book costs. This program allows customers to choose a rental period and extend due dates if necessary. Valore Books offers a standard ISBN search, but you can also search by school to more easily find textbooks that are required for classes offered at your college or university.


Tired of lugging around twenty pounds of textbook all day? Valore Books also allows students to rent digital textbooks with 24/7 tech support.